Commercial, Multi-Residential, Retail, Institutional

Sub-metering gives property managers and owners significant visibility into utility use and individual consumption patterns. Modular home communities, apartment buildings, condominiums, townhouses, commercial plazas, retail malls and multi-building institutions can all benefit from the tailored information sub-metering provides.

Advantages include:

  • Accurately account for individual occupant use
  • Increase tenant satisfaction & retention
  • Increase competitiveness & resale value
  • Promote sustainable use & conservation
  • Identify possible losses, reduce costs, increase savings
  • Distribute ongoing maintenance & allocate funds for improvements

Metercor offers fully customizable solutions for a variety of sub-metering applications, unique to the needs of your community or facility.

  • Consumption Reads & Billing
  • Meter Analytics & Interval Data
  • Web presentment and detailed data storage
  • System Set up & Installation
  • RF Device Verification


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