Smart Cities

Smart Cities

What if you could use your utility distribution infrastructure to support other applications? A Fixed Network that reads your water meters, but also dims the street lights? Or monitors parking availability? Introducing Itron’s OpenWay Riva Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI) solution, the next generation network for energy, gas, water and Smart Cities. The OpenWay Riva platform is the only solution that delivers both adaptive communications technology and distributed intelligence to meters, grid devices and sensors. Running on Cisco’s IPv6 multiservice network architecture, the OpenWay Riva platform transforms communication and operations.

One network to manage the City’s multiple services, starts here.

Introducing OpenWay Riva

  • Scalable
    Just as cities and communities grow, this platform’s usefulness and value will expand over time, rather than becoming outdated and obsolete. The open architecture allows for a growing ecosystem of products and services.
  • Adaptive Communications Technology
    Allows modules to self-determine the best communications path, instantly adapt to changing conditions, and use multiple communications technologies – RF mesh, PLC, as well as Wi-Fi
  • Distributed Intelligence
    Enables location awareness in relation to other grid assets, can support multiple programs communicating to each other, and has enough computing power and memory to crunch data and optimize analysis.


Metercor, the Industry Leader

Metercor has the training, experience, and partner support to help you reach your Smart City goals. We have the industry knowledge, financial stability, and leading edge products, to plan and scale your project. The Itron OpenWay Riva solution presents an opportunity for communities to make sustainable use of their assets, to expand and grow their capabilities, to deliver better service to their citizens, and ultimately improve their quality of life.

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