ABB AquaMaster IV “Mag” Meter

The Ideal Flowmeter for potable water Distribution Networks, Revenue Metering, and ICI Applications

  • Exceptionally Accurate Range of flow Calibration, optimized for Utility ICI and Bulk meter applications (including Custody Transfer)
  • Widest measurement range captures peak daytime flow and exceptional low flow detection
  • Zero upstream/downstream straight pipe length requirements
  • Calibrated for life (verified in-situ using CalMaster II Technology)
  • Full range of power supply options
  • Optional on board Data Logging of flow and pressure
  • Interchangeable “Modular” components with no set up or site programming required.
  • Sensors dual calibrated to operate on AC or DC power
  • OIML R-49 approvals (Forward and Reverse flow, with AC or DC power supply), Measurement Canada ready.
  • User Definable AMR and AMI Absolute Encoder and Pulse outputs with simple IP69 K rated Mil Spec plug in connectivity (no hard wiring required)
  • Metercor Stocks 2” (50mm) to 8” (200mm) for expedited delivery

Power Options

  • Battery
  • AC
  • Renewable: Wind/Solar

Bore options

  • Reduced-Bore *0.5-24” (all sizes)
  • Full-Bore *10-24” only
  • Optimized-Bore *1.5-8” only

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