Company Overview

Industry Experts


Project Managers

Directly manage project implementation and are responsible for ensuring project timelines, budgets and safety goals are all met.


In-House Call Centre

Our professional and courteous call centre staff provide an expert level of personalized customer service.


Field Technicians

Metercor hires and retains the best installers, who receive training in virtually all aspects of meter installations, customer service and quality assurance.


Communications Consultants

We help design, develop and deploy a number of communication strategies and collateral to help convey project goals.


Software Specialists

For new software installations and upgrades, our specialists provide on-site knowledge and support, as well as educate end users on the day to day operations of the system.


Sales Professionals

Our sales team has in-depth knowledge of Metercor’s product and service offerings, as well as related utility business processes, installation procedures and various meter applications.