Turnkey project solutions for municipal metering automation.

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Find the best fit for all your water and gas metering applications.

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Using your utility network to build your smart grid – the Smart Cities solution.

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Measuring Results For More Than 20 Years

Metercor provides a complete range of metering products and services for utility providers and municipalities. We specialize in delivering solutions that create operational efficiencies and increased customer satisfaction. By working closely with utility service providers, we help develop effective strategies to realize their goals – big or small. With a successful record in water & gas metering and automation (AMR/AMI), Metercor continues to meet the needs of our partners in the utilities sector year after year. The deployment of hundreds of thousands of meters and RF endpoints are a testament to our industry-leading knowledge and experience. With the introduction of our Smart City and IoT initiatives, we look forward to continuing to provide the solutions that will help our customers reach their metering goals.

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What our customers are saying

"Extremely effective call centre"

"The length of our exchange project has literally been cut in half"

"Metercor consistently scores high for customer satisfaction"

"Water Services is very satisfied with the work that Metercor has done"

"...would recommend them for consideration for meter installation projects in other municipalities"

"Metercor met all of our expectations and I would have no hesitation in working with them in the future"

"We received weekly progress reports which greatly assisted in keeping our system as up to date as possible"

"...residents told me how easy their installation was, how quick it was, how polite your staff were..."

"Thank you so much for your professionalism and organization in this project."