Company Overview

Management Team

The strength of any company lies with its people. And at Metercor, the collective experience of our management team and the level of skill and enthusiasm of our Project Managers is unmatched in the industry. Our staff is more than well equipped to handle your metering and automation needs, with specialists for all stages of project deployment. Metercor proudly features an in-house call centre, full time field technicians, project managers, communications and software consultants, as well as a dedicated management and executive group to work with you throughout any project.

Len Chappell, Chairman

With over 35 years experience in metering, Len’s expertise contributes to Metercor’s growing business activities, with a focus on service, revenue and growth as an organization. Len previously held the role of President but continues to contribute in the role of Chairman. His direct experience in the large-scale deployment of meters & AMR is unsurpassed, providing Metercor with advice and oversight necessary to ensure cost-effective management of resources, while consistently delivering on quality for our customers.

Kevin Fedun, President

A successful career that includes over 2 decades in energy and utilities, Kevin brings a wealth of experience to the Metercor team. Kevin provides the strategic direction for the company by leveraging his expertise in the disciplines of marketing, sales and operations. Having played an instrumental role in the start-up and operation of top tier energy retailers, he understands how to meet the needs of commercial, industrial and residential customers. This knowledge, combined with his general business acumen and passion for service, ensures Metercor is on the leading edge of the metering space and is delivering value to its clientele.

John Cherewko, General Manager

With a diversified background in management and sales, John has been making significant contributions to all Metercor business activities since 2010. John’s understanding of customer needs has played a pivotal role in the acquisition of numerous contracts, both large and small. John takes pride in being responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction and managing the overall quality of product and service delivery – all this while helping customers meet their conservation, automation and revenue related goals. In addition to overseeing all projects, John has also been the chief contributor in the standardization of Metercor’s operating procedures, digital data collection and quality assurance programs.

Industry Experts

Project Managers

Directly manage project implementation and are responsible for ensuring the completion and accuracy of on-site installations.

In-House Call Centre

Our professional and courteous call centre staff provide an expert level of personalized customer service.

Field Technicians

Metercor hires and retains the best installers, who receive training in virtually all aspects of meter installations, customer service and quality assurance.

Communications Consultants

We help design, develop and deploy a number of communication strategies and collateral to help convey project goals.

Software Specialists

For new software installations and upgrades, our specialists provide on-site knowledge and support, as well as educate end users on the day to day operations of the system.

Sales Professionals

Our sales team has in-depth knowledge of Metercor’s product and service offerings, as well as related utility business processes, installation procedures and meter applications.